This project for a government skills training program was a lot of fun to write and direct. All the actors were shot individually while reacting to a pre-recorded audio guide track. Markers were placed around the studio and each actor was directed to look to the markers as if they were other speakers in the grid. Primetime Productions

kpoVideos for Alcan - Kemano Power Operations

My company, Storyteller Services Inc, produced many videos for Alcan. This is the opening for a series of videos that provided new employees with an orientation to safety and operations at the smelter in Kitimat.

scotnSalmon Conservation on the Nechako

This thirty minute video was broadcast in B.C. and used in public meetings to explain the benefits of the Kemano Completion Project. Using lots of graphics and animations as well as interviews with environmental scientists, it showed how the project would increase economic benefit while still protecting salmon habitat.

depressionDepression: Feeling Good Again

I directed this thirty minute program on the nature and treatment of depression for the Knowledge Network and Primetime Productions. Computer animation, graphics, lush photography and music plus an intimate profiling of patient lifestyles went into the creation of my favorite piece of work.

Work samples