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A Joomla site that allows management by non-professionals. In the members-only section are forms for maintenance work orders and other tenant needs. Both staff and member committees can manage site tools that make organization, communication and collaboration easy.

A WordPress site that makes it easy for the owner to add new text and images. The site features pages for Korean and French-speaking customers. Work in progress - launching soon.

This is a Joomla gallery site where I present my digital artwork: fractal-based 3D designs.

A ZenCart e-commerce website featuring an inventory of thousands of items. Easily managed by non-professionals, this site allows both retail and industrial customers to make purchases by credit card.

This Joomla site is operated by seniors who create the content and manage a moderately sophisticated paid subscription system. It also features a document management system for thousands of records important to genealogists.

A WordPress site for easy editing and management by non-professionals. Logo design by Chris.

A Joomla site that featured extensive member-management tools including e-commerce for conference bookings.

Work samples