To understand is to perceive patterns

This wonderful little video inspires me, as have all the writing, art, lectures and videos sharing the same theme for the last forty years. It even features the fractal tree, which is the primary source of my own artwork. And yet I hesitate to embrace such inspiration as motivation to actualize something. Anything.

The barrier is fear. And I'm sure I'm not alone. The question is "Why don't we acknowledge that systems theory is a new belief system and act on it?"

Yes, that's asking for a fight with traditional and superstitious religions but most religions are more enlightened than that now. Only the dead fail to evolve. The Integral movement, championed by Ken Wilber and religious leaders of many beliefs, offers a philosophical framework for melding the spiritual with the scientific.

Without that marriage to temper the development of both sides, I'm afraid there will be little real growth to celebrate or motivate.


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