"We are a young team"

Justin Bieber mug shot

Are you sure what you're saying in your company profile is what you intend? For instance, what does this mean?

"We are a young team."

Does it mean your team is relatively new but includes a diversity of ages? Or does it mean you only hire young people? If so, how is a bias against senior employees much different than a bias against women, gays or other races?

"We are a young team" says as much about quality and character as "Justin Bieber is a young singer."

Contrary to your apparent old-fashioned thinking, "young" does not necessarily mean "high energy", "fresh thinking" or "adaptable". In the minds of many, in fact, it means "easy to exploit", "inexperienced" and "lacking any sense of loyalty." Are you sure you want to trumpet such bigotry, insensitivity and thoughtlessness to the world by emphasising a dubious value proposition like "We are a young team"?

I suppose you could be forgiven since you're hungry for work and eager to make the world a better place. Still, why alienate older workers who are just as hungry, eager and effective as you? If you want to make the world a better place, diversity is the strength you want to trumpet - not age.

"We are a young team" is so old, tired and twentieth century.