Learntrends 2009

The Learntrends online conference wrapped up three days ago but, already, I'm having a hard time remembering anything specific that I learned. It's my own fault - I didn't take notes and I multitasked my way through many of the discussions.

Well, okay, maybe I did learn that learning is impeded by not taking notes and by multitasking. Seriously, though, I'm sure that I did learn a lot. It's just that the learning is not readily accessible for regurgitation on demand. Instead it takes the form of notions that I will test later for corroboration at the proverbial water cooler or cocktail party.

For instance, I will take my key notion from Learntrends - "Corporate learning is moving toward collaborative and self-directed education" - and I will promote it to a personal opinion in discussions with associates who have little orientation to workplace learning. How that opinion is received will direct my next steps in learning about the subject.

  • Indifference will dampen my enthusiasm for further proselytizing with that particular audience or application
  • Challenges to my opinion will send me back to sources for support.
  • Interest and enthusiasm will spur me to focus more sharply on specific aspects and applications, and to learn more deeply.

Such is the nature of informal learning. And social media marketing - the lines are blurring.

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