Jim Carroll on corporate agility

jimcarrollJim Carroll hits hard on the idea that organizations need to adapt to the increasing velocity of change. They need to learn how to respond more quickly to opportunities - "to innovate faster, to change faster, to do things faster" - in order to compete in the high velocity economy. Of course he's right but where are the models for designing rapid response processes into a business?

I'm certainly no expert but it sounds to me like a job for the zig zag model from axiomatic design. A plan for responding to a sudden opportunity is going to require a business model and a team of players. To get both, axiomatic design requires following a rigorous path of back and forth design steps as plans are forumulated and tested on potential players. In traditional scenarios, that back and forth is ponderously slow because lessons are being learned over and over again. Axiomatic design in business process engineering, on the other hand, codifies those lessons and cuts out all the meandering through dead-ends and faulty propositions.

Traditional forms of corporate learning, however, are a major roadblock to learning the lessons that need to be codified. Here, the promise for rapid business response is in social learning.