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While Nicolay Worren explains that his new book is intended for MBA students and executives, one can’t escape the thought that much of the learning it offers could be useful to a much larger audience. In fact, it might even be inspiring to those confronted by the complex dynamics and ambiguity in modern business design, and hoping for tools to manage that growing complexity. After all, the book’s stated purpose is to promote approaches to organization design that are focused, current, rigorous and pragmatic. In other words, its aim is to bring science to a business where it has been lacking. Organisation Design: Re-defining Complex Systems achieves that, especially with its bold introduction of Axiomatic Design.

Saturday, 17 March 2012 11:57

Systemic innovation graphic

This is a first stab at trying to illustrate the idea behind systemic innovation.Systemic innovation graphic

So many problems evolve from businesses being designed with one goal - making money - for one stakeholder group - investors. Any other beneficiaries, like vendors, communities, government and employees, are incidental and targets of cost reduction. This sets up an antagonistic relationship between stakeholders, which too often leads to counter-productive predation and belligerence.

Businesses designed collaboratively to anticipate the salient needs of all stakeholders will provide clear motivation for all participants to cooperate for joint success. Yes, it can be extremely complicated but today's communication tools and design methodologies, especially Axiomatic Design, can make it all manageable.