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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 18:18

Changing the weather

If the M2M B2B industry continues to muddle along with business as usual then someone might someday get lucky enough to have an impact that is “in some ways disruptive.” But who can do anything disruptive if everyone is playing the same game with the same tools? Disruption is about changing the game - not just working harder, faster and smarter.

This is a response to Bob Emmerson and his recent post at m2m: Modules: A Constant in a Fast-Changing M2M Environment. The post is a helpful weather report for today’s M2M development environment. Fortunately though, unlike the weather, enterprise mobility is still very young and we do have some hope that we can change the weather. We have a plan for operational innovation in enterprise mobility and Bob's seven points provide an opportunity to position some of our key ideas.

Sunday, 17 January 2010 22:59

M2M making its way into our lives

From this article, a couple of applications for machine to machine communications and sensors

clarionwave's clips

This posting from Dr. Scott Snyder, author of The New World of Wireless: How to Compete in the 4G Revolution, shares some applications of machine to machine communication. So far, the applications seem to be add-ons or incremental improvements on existing systems. The next generation will see business models embracing M2M sensors from the word "Go".