'Everything is' or 'All am'

Re-framing ideas of reality and solipsism

I’ve had this idea for many years. Too long and now time is running out for me. It’s embarrassingly grandiose. Nevertheless, here it is.

Everything is. Or, if you prefer the idea of conscious/universal unity: All am.

I am not saying everything is possible. I’m saying everything is … period. In the scientific materialist sense and in the religious-philosophical sense, everything exists. Anything that could exist … is. Anything I think impossible to exist also exists. And everything I could never imagine exists too.  An infinite number of universes, worlds, realities, times, things, beings and minds including infinite versions of you and me exist.  One reality on top of another. Everything. Is.

You now exist. And now you exist. There is no time or space with which to keep everything separate from everything else. And yet there is time and space to keep everything separate too, because everything is.

In short, this moment is a singularity. And this one. You are the explosion that is this moment. You are a singularity of singularities. 

Everything is but you don’t see more than a tiny sliver of it. If you could, you wouldn’t be you. You, as you, cannot make sense of this. And this is the key: You are the judge of what makes sense. More to the point, you make sense. Although everything is, you filter out all that doesn’t make sense.  And that’s all your self does – your self is a set of rules that makes sense out of the nonsense of everything in order to maintain your self’s coherence and integrity. And it and an infinite number of other selves with their own sets of rules of what make sense exist too. Because this is “Everything Is” World.

Of course, this is madness. No one in their right mind could live in the world of Everything Is. Instead, we live in the world of ‘As If’ where we can make sense of almost everything we experience. Our sense of self is not in danger of being ripped apart by nonsense unless we live in Yemen or Myanmar in 2018. Or any other place where violence in any form is ubiquitous. Or if we live with life threatening health issues. 

I have the supreme luxury of living as if my world makes sense except for a few areas of mild and fleeting discomfort. I live by rules of rationality and science that hold, at least, for the moment. 

The integrity of my self was threatened last year. I – my self - was in mortal danger of being ripped apart by cancer. Today, I rationalize that I’m alive and intact because science and medicine did their magic. I can understand a good part of the mechanics of my surgical treatment, so the continued integrity of my self makes sense. 

On the other hand, if I firmly believed in the power of a god to heal me, my continued integrity of self would also make sense, despite the difference in process. The mechanics of maintaining my idea of self aren’t as important as is the fact that my self is a construct. It is an idea that is vicious and ruthless in the way it contorts my perception of my world. My self cannot tolerate much nonsense. If I cannot make sense of something, I will lie to my self about it with a rationalization. Everyone lies but the one to whom we lie the most is our self.  The reason is simple. We lie to our self in order to protect the integrity of a self that is nothing without integrity. A self is an algorithm, fearful of disintegrating if infected with nonsense. 

I am seeing so much nonsense (inequality, racism, war profiteering, social injustice, etc) in the world at the moment that I’m beginning to see that it’s not the politics, wars and general craziness out there that are the reality or the problem.  

The problem – my problem—is that I’m trying to hold onto two versions of reality at once. I’m trying to straddle two worlds: ‘As if’ and ‘Everything is’. 

Before we go further, I need to point out that settling on one or the other world does not extinguish the craziness out there, only the craziness threatening the integrity of my self. But choosing to live in Everythingis world provides me with agency. I recognize that my self—my idea of I and me—is something that I actively construct and maintain – reflexively and subconsciously. Knowing or thinking that I live in a universe where everything is, I have greater tolerance for nonsense in that I recognize that I don’t need to defend my self so viciously that I risk missing an opportunity to make sense where others merely hope to find it.

Everything Is and the Akashic Domain

I’m finding inspiration and encouragement to come out with this grandiose impudence on reading the recent work of Ervin Laszlo. In his book, What is Reality?, Laszlo proposes an interpretation of findings from quantum physics that points to an undiscovered, over-arching dimension to our reality – to the physics of our universe or universes. In particular, he bases his idea of this super dimension, that he calls the Akashic Domain, on work begun by the physicist John Wheeler. Wheeler and others after him proved that, according to the previous scientific paradigm, we are getting something for nothing in physics at both the sub-atomic and cosmic levels. They find that there is energy or matter showing up in the universe that, mathematically speaking, shouldn’t be there.

In what are known as double-slit experiments, researchers have found that results can only be explained by communication taking place between atomic particles – instantaneously - no matter the distance between them. 

The idea Laszlo and others have presented to explain the mystery is that in some sense everything in the universe is intimately connected through this Akashic domain. 

And, with this, we are immediately thrust into the realm of spirituality where such an idea has existed for ages. In addition, we open an avenue of scientific plausibility to consider other mysteries such as near-death experiences and clairvoyance, where people know things that, according to current scientific understanding, are impossible to know.

In effect, this new concept moves the idea of consciousness as residing exclusively in the brain to existing, to some extent, somewhere outside. 

The idea of an over-arching domain of reality embracing the one we and scientists commonly know is, in itself, a formidable conceptual leap. Nevertheless, the idea still abides as part of the current paradigm of a finite universe of material things and processes, albeit now with new things and processes waiting to be discovered in a new dimension by some kind of consciousness wherever it may exist.

We are still limiting ourselves to talking about this or that happening, now or then, here or there. Why?

The only thing dictating what we believe to be true is the science, right? We demand that the models of space-time, energy and processes we discover and share are consistent. We demand that the rules or laws we derive from our models are consistent.

My observation is that this framework is virtually synonymous with the idea of a constructive self. And so, I’m suggesting we turn the whole conceptual framework on its head, and take another look at solipsism.

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