Blender 3D artists

The objective of B&T is to simply map mental processes using a limited number of standardized objects. Really, we're talking about motion graphics, not Avatar. Blender is a free, open-source 3D application that anyone with a modest amount of training can use to create most B&T animations.

While any 3D software will do the job, one of the key concepts in this project is that objects, textures, paths and many other elements will be shared. For the sake of interoperational efficiency and cost, Blender offers all the power required plus it has a huge amateur user base where finding 3D artists with enthusisasm for our subject matter are more likely to be found.

The Platform Co-operative Studio

The intention is for 3D artists to cooperate with others to share elements, learning and a platform for presentation of their work. Finished creations can stand alone but the hoped-for magic will come when elements and entire scenes are shared in other productions. This is a partly social and a partly entrepreneurial vision. Details of how it will all work will be established by members and the co-operative management they install.

The objective is to create a legal framework for sharing of a new virtual commons with incentives and infrastructure that will ensure sustained shared value for members.


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