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The company and platform promoting Bubbles and Tubes

Most of my career was in television and video production in Vancouver, British Columbia. I worked in drama, sports and variety at the CBC. I wrote and produced current affairs programs at CKVU TV. Following that, I started and ran my own production company, Storyteller, which produced corporate videos. I started ClarionWave when I came to Toronto to offer services as a writer, producer and communication specialist.

Technically, I'm retired now but I still have some passions that I want to follow and share. My personal interests include psychology, metaphysics, systems theory, quantum physics, integral theory, education transformation and consciousness. I love documentaries and reading about all of this. I'll confess that I'm a narcissist just because I'm overly interested in my mind and ours, and how they have evolved to create our cultures. I stay balanced to some extent with mindfulness - journaling and meditation.

Politically, I'm very interested in efforts to create a new, more just and equitable economy. I see great hope in the co-operative movement, which is the reason for basing plans for Bubbles and Tubes on a platform co-op model. Similarly, I'm enthusiastic about systemic innovation as a way to create new markets focused on shared values instead of accumulated wealth. For the same reason, I'm interested in systemic innovation. I learned about it from a short foray into the world of education reform (transformation), which convinced me that we can't effectively address problems in one domain alone. The world is just too interdependent now.

In recent years, I tried my hand at creating digital art, which satisfied a passion to express myself with graphics and sacred geometry. Unfortunately, the passion wasn't strong enough to sustain the lack of sales.

My real passion I'm following now is for sharing my crazy, esoteric ideas. Allam (or Everything Is) is my notion about the nature of reality. Bubbles and Tubes began as a way to represent and share that idea but evolved to include respresentation of many operations of mind, both singular and collective.

My favorite tool is Blender, which is an open source, 3D graphic animation program. Other tools include Adobe Creative Suite and Pinnacle Studio. I am proficient at writing, graphic design and Joomla web development.

I now live in a co-op in Toronto, Ontario with my very supportive partner, Verna.

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