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While some people think they can read a face or tell what someone is thinking just by looking at them, it’s hardly scientific. trustworthy or even useful. In real life, there’s not much we can do about that. But in video, it’s a scandal that we’re still relying solely on inference and narration to communicate ideas about what is on someone’s mind. A whole new world of visual storytelling would be open to producers if they had a way to share ideas about thoughts, feelings and ideas that doesn’t depend on a lot of narrative exposition.

Bubbles and Tubes is a digital 3D animation scheme for a new style of video that answers that need. This is a proposal to take the idea of mind space and present it on screens with icons that represent the contents of mind. Whatever is in someone’s mind at any moment will be displayed as symbols, text or video clips contained in a bubble. Whatever is in the minds of a group will be displayed in multiple bubbles on screen. Well-defined trajectories of mind content will be represented by tubes.

At the risk of being too ambitious, the innovation in this project extends beyond a new video style. New models of organization are proposed for the virtual studio envisioned for production of 3D models, videos and distribution networks. Independent creators - artists, animators, writers, etc - will work together in a platform co-operative where elements and content can be shared and re-used. And the co-op will operate as part of a larger ecosystem of individuals and organizations motivated by a number of shared values besides mere financial reward.




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