This is your bubble of NOW

Bubbles and Tubes is a project to create visual stories about what goes on in our minds. The goal is to create a platform co-op studio, with digital 3D animators working with writers, to model and clarify mental experience in ways ordinary video can't.

First test videos



A big bubble of potential

At this point, this website has nothing to offer end users. Really, it's just a messy dump of works-in-progress, of interest mostly to curious 3D artists, visual thinkers and writers ... especially those with an interest in subjects like psychology, metaphysics and spirituality.

The purpose of this website is to attract partners willing to help build a community of practice and a new medium.

Whether it can offer fame, fortune or higher value is up to early-stage partners. My priority now is to simply create a novel platform for pioneering creators to tell stories in a new way.

I've got lots of ideas, documents, half-finished scripts and test animations to share but I'm running out of enthusiasm doing this on my own. I'm seeking knowledgeable and inspired partners to help me make it real.

Take a look around and if you decide you're curious enough to reach out, I would be delighted to discuss next steps.

If you're inclined to offer a little encouragement, check out my crowdfunding site at Bubbles and Tubes


Chris Whitside


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