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If you look for me on social media, you will quickly see that I'm a troll. I scold and I criticize almost everything done or said on behalf of US foreign policy. I have no illusion that my voice is important or that I'm even heard by significant numbers of people. But I have the luxury of not being employed, and not being responsible to stakeholders who might be embarrassed by my preachiness. I do it only because others, who might speak out, are inhibited for fear of offending anyone who could negatively affect their livelihoods. For the sake of honest public debate, I feel compelled to offer an alternative viewpoint to that being forced on us by the voice of authority - government officials and the corporate media monopoly.

The most insidious and dangerous propaganda in the world is being produced by the country that has the greatest talent, experience, resources and inclination to affect the thinking of citizens, especially its own.

It seems to me that all the chaos in thinking, all the political polarization, and all the growing disillusion with public affairs can be traced back to shameless government lying. If it's okay for the government to dissemble in support of its agenda, then it's okay for everyone else to lie for their particular agenda that they’re convinced is all light and truth. We're now at a point where no one can be sure what is true or who the good guys and bad guys are.

I know deception is natural to all species so I'm not naive enough to think it doesn't have a place and purpose from time to time. Nevertheless, constant gaslighting has become a threat to our collective mental health and system of governance. And to our physical health if the public believes the propaganda that exhorts them to war.

So, yes, I am biased. My challenge now is how do I treat the issue of propaganda - the social engineering of the content of minds - in a way that fairly presents the critically important pathology and processes without getting bogged down in polemics.

I suppose, according to my own vision for this medium, that’s not my problem. There is no intention that this should be a final-word-on-the-subject presentation. Bubbles and Tubes is intended as commodified communication, where stories from the bubble world derive value from engagement and sharing in an open-source marketplace, not from the proprietary stone tablets they might have been written upon. 

My intention for stories told in Bubbles and Tubes is that they present an heuristic - a rough, rule-of-thumb model of a personal interior experience. I’m presenting my mental models for discussion and correction. If you choose to take exception to a particular B&T mental model, you are welcome to the elements of my model to create your own. I intend to be very critical of aggressive propaganda, whether it’s warmonger disinformation, commercial advertising or public relations. Then, if you want to counter that, I’ll help you to use the same tools to tell your story. 

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