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Bubbles and Tubes is proposed as a systemic innovation project. That means it will be designed to address the needs ot its constituent parts as an integral whole by sharing both the creation of value and the capture of value.

The orientation starts with Bateson's idea of an ecology of mind then extends that pioneering bit of systems thinking to design the life support of the entire Bubbles and Tubes community system. Instead of individuals seeking markets they can serve, the intention here is to create a market that serves its individual workers. The market or industry created by Bubbles and Tubes will serve members rather than abstract corporations and their alien shareholders.

The systemic innovation model is gaining traction in various quarters of industry, although with different formulations and ideas of the value to be shared. You can learn more about the ways in which major corporations are applying systemic innovation at the FSG organization.

Michael Porter was perhaps first to articulate the ideas. You can read more here..

A scholarly paper on systemic innovation is available here.


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